Hayden Lam

Height: 5’10”      Weight: 175lbs      Hair: Black    Eyes: Hazel       Body Type: Athletic

Management:                                  Agency:                                         

J. Kell Managemnt                                             The Savage Agency

Jayne Kell: Talent Manager                              Stella Alex & Mark Smith                                           7083 Hollywood BLVD

                                                                                            Hollywood, CA 90028

                                                                                            (P) 323-461-8316



The Candle and The Curse                                  Lead                                                  The Lady and The Tiger Productions, LLC
DAYDREAM                                                           Lead                                                  Dapper Penguin Productions, INC

Providence                                                           Supporting                                        Brazen Action Design

The Devil Lives in Clarksville County                 Supporting                                       Dapper Penguin Productions, INC   

Crows                                                                    Lead                                                  Ronin Visuals

Age of the Empire: A Star Wars Story               Lead                                                  Midnight Oil Productions


The Rookie                                                            Stunt Performer                              ABC STUDIOS

Sleepless (Series)                                                Lead                                                  Dapper Penguin Productions, INC
Batman Beyond: The Series                               Recurring                                          NaturNal Project


Dr. Pepper "Butterfly Effect" (National)             Principal                                            Hungry Man Productions/ Taika Waititi

Disneyland Star Wars (International)                Hero                                                  ORIGINaL Films/ Rob Cohen

Samsung“Pay App”                                             Principal                                           Tool of North America Production


DAYDREAM                                                          Fight Choreographer                         Dapper Penguin Productions, INC

Crows                                                                   Fight Choreographer                         Ronin Visuals

Age of the Empire: A Star Wars Story              Fight Choreographer                         Midnight Oil Productions



Indiana University Bloomington – Bachelors in Arts

-Acting---- Stella Adler Style & Practical Aesthetics Technique

-Improv Comedy: Long, Short, Sketch, Improv



Marital Arts: Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Kali, Stunts, Stage Combat, Tactical Firearms (Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns), Tactical Combat, Long Sword, Rapier, Dagger, Broadsword, Archery, Quarter staff, All 7 forms of Lightsaber combat

Other Skills:
Division I College Tennis & Football Chicago State, Swimming, Motorcycle M1, Free Running, Parkour,
Singing: Tenor A1-A4 A5 Falsetto


LANGUAGES: English, Fluent Vietnamese, Intermediate Spanish

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