About Hayden...

Hayden Lam was born on October 10th, 1990 in South Bend, IN to Long Lam, a mechinical engineer and Vietnam War Vet, and XuanMai Tran, a sales and business manager for their Family Owned Machine Shop.

Growing up Hayden explored many different avenues before deciding to pursue acting. He studied three different martial arts, earning a black belt in taekwando. He attended four different Universities playing tennis and football before finally settling in at Indiana University. With about three semesters left as an honor student in his Pre-Law Criminal Justice degree, Hayden felt like something was still missing. He had performed a few plays in high school thus prompting him to start taking acting and improv classes at the University. There he re-kindled his love for the performing arts excelling in all of his classes. In 2013 he graduated with his Bachelors of Arts from IU and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Hayden Lam Military style (3).jpg

With his background in martial arts and firearms, Hayden found early success booking stunt intesive supporting roles on indie projects.

In 2016 Hayden was cast in an International Disneyland Star Wars Commercial as the Hero Pilot where he had the opportunity to fly one of the original X-Wings from the Original Star Wars Films.

Thus far in 2017 booked his first ever FEATURE FILM as a co-lead: THE CANDLE AND THE CURSE (2021). His stunt resume includes TV shows like: The Rookie, Seal Team, This Is Us along with a multitude of other short films features. 

In 2018 Hayden made his directorial debut with Ronin Visuals': Vindicta
- Macro Project Film Festival NYC Selection

- End of Days Film Festival -

- Winner for Best Choreography

- Winner for Best Hero 

- Nominated for Best Action Short  

- Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival



But Hayden's biggest life accomplishment didn't happen on screen, On June 20th, 2018 Hayden and Anneke were married at Newport Beach, CA. 


Hayden still currently resides in LA where he continues to train everyday for upcoming projects